Friday, July 04, 2008

Bluesfest and food

Last night was the first night of Bluesfest - if you live in Ottawa, and know were we live - you know we are fairly close to the Venue. Well this year it seems that since we are a couple more rows in, we can actually hear it better... It's not as loud - but it's a lot clearer. Which is lovely to listen to wonderful music on the deck.

However, not so wonderful putting your kid to sleep. Last year she didn't ask any questions about the extra noise until after the first week... Last night - on Day 1 of 14...

T - What's that noise?
M - The music festival down the street
T - Is it on the road or the sidewalk?
M - Neither, it's in a field
T - With Cows?
M - Nope, the field next to the War museum. A boring museum, not a fun one like the dinosaur or kids museum.
T - I want to go there
M - Where? the boring one?
T - Yup!
M - Ok - when Grampa comes to visit, you ask him to go, he likes that museum.
T - When he gets out of the dessert and stops riding the camels?
M - Yes - he'll be here in September
T - Why doesn't he live with Nana
M - he does half the time
T - how does he get here?
M - Plane
T - not on the camel?

OYE!!! We went from talking about the music - to Grampa on a camel in 15 seconds. Quite the seqway.

This weekend is going to be busy packing what we can - as next Friday the living room and kitchen have to be empty as we are getting new floors, and a new bathroom. So we will be moving out for up to a week while the renos are done. Yay for Mel coming back and having a huge hotel room!

We are also doing some cooking this weekend to get food in the freezer - as Tym has no lunches in the freezer left. While Laurel was over (she is a nurse at Sick Kids) she seen Tym's rash - and said it looks like a virus called molluscum contagiosum. After doing research it definitely makes sense. Of course, there is no easy treatment for a mild case for (which Tym has) and it can last a couple years. We are going to bring the info to the natruopath and our nurse and find out what we can go. It doesn't bother her, which is good. But we hate for her to have it.

I uploaded some pictures of the last couple weeks :)

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