Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Now that I am clearly pregnant, everyone keeps asking me how I"m feeling. Which I never thought to much about - since I feel fantastic! There is nothing quite like the 2nd trimester - you are not as big as a house, not nauseous all day, and don't need to sleep 14 hours (would be nice though! hehe).

But all in all it's been great - my belly has definitely grown in the past couple weeks - not much mistaking what's inside. My hair and nails like last time are growing like weeds- which is good since i want to be able to put my hair up for labour! I've put on 12 lbs or so - not to bad. My mood generally has been pretty good (Meag probably doesn't think so!) - however I have definitely noticed when I'm testy, I'm quite testy. (Sorry Meag!)

One thing that has been totally different this pregnancy is how much he is moving! HOLY Cow! Tym was always laid back, didn't move much for ultrasounds, and since she was breech facing in the whole time, I felt movement - but no fierce kicks or punching. Newton however flips around all the time, and I feel him poking and prodding me all the time! Which I find amazing... (ask me when i'm 35 weeks if I still do or am tired of it! hehe)

Tym has taken on a whole new fasination with Newton since we've found out it's a baby brother. She'll talk to him first thing in the morning everyday, and hug and snuggle him (more then she was before). Yesterday morning she was laying listening, and my belly gurgled - she sat right up - "He just FARTED!" It was so funny. I told her it was just my belly, but she sure didn't believe me!

We are offically half way there... I am very much looking forward to the next few months when we can settled into the 'new' house (it will feel new with the floors and bathroom done), get the room painted and start digging out all the baby stuff we have.

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