Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Boob Cake anyone?

So last weekend was pretty busy... A large part of my energy was spent getting ready for the weaning party on Sunday... Making the cake... Prepping Tym a little more.

I was a little concerned that it was not going to go over very well - since more than once last week she told me she didn't want to have a party... That she loved BreastMilk.

However we didn't back down. As I mentioned before I've been ready for a few months - it was just a matter of doing it and getting Tym excited about it.

Saturday was a weird day - since it was the last time that I nursed her down for a nap... We layed in my bed, and I tried to embrace our last nursing session. It was weird as I was trying to stay determined to nurse her all the way to sleep no matter how uncomfortable it was - thankfully it only took 5-10 minutes. I was glad to not have to worry about having to do it again, but I was also very sad. My baby girl is growing up. Yes I know that she's far from a baby, and weaning at 3.5 years of age isn't like she grew up over night. But it definitely is sad - even if I didn't enjoy the nursing because it hurt a lot, I still love the snuggling and closeness it gave us.

Since Saturday I've been going back on forth on being stoked that she's not nursing, to missing it. We were definitely both ready to wean however....

Sunday morning was just a lovely morning (she didn't ask to nurse, I didn't offer) - we had cinnamon buns and got ready for the party. She LOVED her Boob Cake - as you can tell on the picture!
Esther and her family, and Ivy and Sarah came over. We all enjoyed some Boob. Tym wanted us to see the Happy Birthday Song - but to the tune of Happy Weaning Party Tym, it was cute. She got a couple small presents as well - including 2 JugHead comic books (which she's addicted to now).
Meag put her to bed Sunday night - she was exhausted. Cried for me - no change from when she's tired. I was concerned about Monday morning - as she's such a whiny suck in the morning... She asked for it once, I told her that there was no more breastmilk and explained that she was a Big Little Girl now. (She's informed us she's not quite a big girl yet.) And she rolled with it! I made sure to give her lots of snuggles and stay close. We tiptoed around to make sure she wouldn't flip out and it worked. Not 1 single tear.
I was concerned about lastnight as it was my turn to put her down. Much to my surprise, she asked once, I said there was no more and she rolled over! Not a tear or why or anything! HOLY Crap! This morning same thing.
So all in all the weaning has gone fabulously. I won't be having a bath or changing around her for a few more days, that's for sure. But so far, she has proven to be the Big Little Girl.
No nursing since Sat folks. I wonder when I'll start to get uncomfortable and want her to be nursing again!


Leslie said...

Great things are happening for your family- Tym and the whole weaning cake, and Newton is *so* big now!

Anonymous said...

Oh Deah, I know this is a bit after-the-fact, but what a great idea to have a weaning party! I nursed my youngest until he was 3.5 as well and your thoughts pretty much mirror how I felt when I weaned him. Love the boob cake LOL! Very creative way to transition hehehe... I'm glad everything went smoothly for you!