Friday, September 26, 2008

Another busy week... they always are!

The weekend was packed full of getting small projects actually done - not just started. It felt good to finish off some of the items on our to do list, that never shrinks!

Tym ended up getting Annie's cold - and so did I. So that was at the begining of the week. Now that we are feeling better, it's been a whirlwind getting ready for Paul to arrive tonight :)

I had a natruopath session on Tuesday - and she did acupuncture for the first time. She did concentrate more on my cold to fight it off then anything, but also did some points on my toes - the same point we did the chinese herbs with Tym. Tym never really moved around with the herbs, but this little guy sure did move around a lot when those were in! We will be doing it again Monday. Flip boy Flip!!

I am now doing chiro once a week, naturopath once a week - I really 'should' be doing massage once a week since i am so sore - and the midwife every two. It's a lot of appointments to try and schedule!

Aside from that I've joined the Board of Directors at Tym's school. We had our first meeting lastnight and it's really good to get an insight as to what's happening behind the sceens. There are some changes coming and it should be good :)

Lots of fun things planned for the weekend with Grampa- hopefully he's not to jet lagged!

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