Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't Feed the Buffalo!

We had a lovely weekend with Grampa here! Carp Fair Saturday was a blast. Meet up with Matt, Sarah and Ivy. Tym loved the Lumberjacks, all the horses and the snakes from Ray's Reptiles. And she's been playing with the slime she made with the Mad Science people everyday since.

Meag and Paul enjoyed themselves at the hockey game on Saturnight while Tym and I slept.

Sunday was a more low key day which I think everyone needed. Paul did fantastic with his jetlag considering the time change. We saw Doris's new apartment, which is perfect for her! and had coffee. Had Christa and Abby over for a smoke pork loin supper, it was yummy!

Monday we took a lovely family day and headed to Parc Omega. It was fun going through again with Tym bigger. She loved the animals, but wasn't to thrilled when they wanted more carrots and were pushy. Most times we'd stop the car, a deer would come - the second the deer had the carrots Tym said "go mama go!" it was cute. She did however make friends with a baby deer at the small farm there. The deer followed her around forever, then once we left the area she kept asking where it was. So cute. Pictures will follow!

Paul left first thing Tuesday morning. It was lovely to have him, but it's always nice to get back to routines as well.

Yesterday we had a midwife appt. We meet one of the secondary midwives who would come as backup for an hour or so, or come if both our primaries were at births. I wasn't thrilled with her at all. She didn't even ask how I was feeling... just did the measurements and stuff. Which everything is on track. She did give us interesting info however - there have been 2 breech births at the MontFort in the past year. Not VBAC, but it's a start. This guy still looks like he's breech, so we are off to an u/s on Tuesday to confirm or not. Try and figure out what we need to ramp up to get him moving. I will be taking at least 1 day a week off to try and get to as many appts as I can.

We shall see what next week brings!!

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