Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Big things to come...

It's been fun around here lately. We had a lovely weekend full of playdates for Tym. She enjoyed spending time with her friends.

Yesterday we had an ultrasound to figure out if this boy is head down or up. I will start this with mentioning that Saturday Meag and I were watching some TV and my belly was moving like there was no tomorrow. She was a little concerned with the movements she could clearly see from the outside, let alone how forceful he was against her hand. It was quite uncomfortable being the one that it was happening to. I'd never felt anything like that with Tym.

Well folks - he's head down!!! for the first time ever I have a head down baby! Oh my! We were so hoping. he can stop wiggling now that he's in position :) I will say it feels weird to have him kick my upper belly as I've never felt it before. It's more tender than internal organs!

Along with him being head down the technician who measured everything 3 times, said that he is measuring big. Not a surprise. He is measuring 2 full weeks ahead, (as my uterus has been measuring for a month) at about 5.5lbs! Of course all these measurements can be wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if he was a healthy 10lbs upon delivery.

Now I have to seriously think about a vaginal delivery for the first time. Very exciting, but weird! There was a part of me that was sure he wasn't going to turn and I would need a csection.... Now I may actually get to try labour! YAY!!!

Of course this happens, and Meag brought home a cold. So I'm at home resting - she's at work feeling like crap - at least she can take cold pills! Hopefully it doesn't last long. And hopefully Tym doesn't get it!

We are looking forward to the long weekend... Hopefully going to get the carpets cleaned and feel better. Of course there is the cooking for a Turkey that will happen. It's weird, next time we have a big meal or holiday, we will be a family of 4!

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Jesse said...

yay again for Mr. head down!!