Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tigers and lions and bears, Oh My

it's been awhile since I updated...

Tym's been learning the story of the Wizard of Oz at school. Which means that on random days she will come home with different sayings from it. For 2 straight days it was 'lions and tigers and bears oh my!". She is thoroughly enjoying the play :)

So after Meag went to the doctor on the Wednesday - she kept getting worse and worse. We had birth class on Sat. We ended up at our house due to a location problem. There were only 4 couples. We love Julie, the facilitator. And we learnt a lot of really good information. It was weird to be in the class, already having a child, but never having had to think about all this stuff before.

Tym had a fantastic day with Abby on the Sat - they went to Annie's Halloween party. There was 5 kids, 4 princesses. Tym stayed dressed up in her costume until they got home after 4. So through the party, lunch, and a trip to Pet Smart for more fish. It was very cute. She sure slept well that night! (And I think Abby did to!)

Meag went to the Dr again on Sunday. She had walking pnemonia with a double ear infection. Finally drugs were taken. She is now finally feeling better. It is so nice to have everyone healthy in the house.

Last weekend we finished up the birth class and Beth, Jesse and the girls came over. They all went to the Experimental Farm for their Halloween party. The girls had a blast, even though it was raining.

We learnt so much in class. It was wonderful to be there with Meag and see how ready she is. She definitely was the partner with the most knowledge and understanding. Once we get a practice run with the tub on Sat, I think we're pretty set.

Mel came into town on Sunday and we fully tested the new babysitter - she put her to sleep on her own. A few tears on Tym's part, but she still really enjoys the new babysitter. We are very exctied about it. Of course it comes at a time when soon we won't be getting out of the house - but it's nice to have her as an option if we just need to get stuff done :)

Mel's here for the week staying with us while she works. Tym is in her element and loving having her around. There was no extra snuggles in bed this morning when she heard Mel downstairs!

it's crazy to think that I am almost 35 weeks pregnant! He's kicking up a storm and growing like a weed. I am feeling quite huge as a house. Sleeping has been a difficult task to acomplish. Other then being tired I am feeling quite good. A little overwhelmed with things we would like to get done in the next 3 weeks. Cleaning, freezer foods, birth kit packing. I am now getting quite swollen. There have been a few days where it has hurt quite a bit to stand on my feet.

This weekend Pepe and Wade are throwing Ole a baby shower - should be fun. Tym is stoked.

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Anonymous said...

as soon as we're all healthy (ha!) let me know if I can be of assistance with the freezer food prep!