Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's been a lovely week.

Tym has been doing great with the weaning. Friday and Saturday were a little touchy and she was a bit more upset that she couldn't have breast milk. We did not get naps in on the weekend - I think weekend naps are going to be done for awhile, unless we are in the car at the right time. The past 2 days she hasn't even asked for it! It's weird, but nice all at the same time.

The weekend was pretty low key puttering around. She is really enjoying swimming now. I bought her a floaty thing to go around her waist and now she doesn't want you to touch her at all when she is swimming, even when she can't touch at all. it's fun to watch. She really enjoys swim class as well - hopefully by the summer she will be safe around the water more or less :)

This morning Tym and I were coming downstairs. Meag was getting some oatmeal going for us all - in her undies and sock.

Tym - Mummy! You're Naked!
Deah - That's how we like her isn't it?
Tym - NO! Go put clothes on - I don't want to see your bits!
Meag goes to get dressed - we finish oatmeal.

We seen the midwife on Monday and things are looking good. Good BP again. Measuring 2 weeks ahead like last time. We had the visit mostly with the student midwife, who we have until the end of Nov. And she was definitely a student - and has some learning to do about client personal care. When we are talking a bit about concerned breech - saying that might just be how your uterus is shaped, isn't exactly what one wants to hear. Way to be supportive and ease our worries that he will be head down come birth!

I am feeling good - tired but good. No hearburn or anything like that. Short of breath, low back is starting to hurt a little and it's just not as easy to move around anymore. I am seeing our chiro once a week for right now to try and get my pelvix lined up, apparently it's rotated which can lead to breech presentation.... So hopefully we can get that fixed :)

Tym loves this baby. And is sooooo excited about this baby. Lastnight as I was putting her down, she scooted down sing and snuggle the belly. Of course he goes crazy when she does this - so he's kicking me like no tomorrow, she's wraps her arms around my belly and is singing. She them says that she needs her pillow - grabs it and snuggles in. Half way down the bed, with her pillow, snuggling her baby brother - she falls asleep. it was the sweetest thing ever! I wish I had a camera upstairs with me at this point.

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