Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Who needs sleep...

So apparently Tym was up for 3 hours last night... It will be intersting to see how cranky she is tonight!

This weekend was busy and lovely all at the same time. We got the closet re-done and it looks fantastic :) Meag can finally see what it was going to look like - and is glad she trusted me and my design :)

The new matress got delivered, so we all have lots of room to sleep again :)

We got lots of little things done around the house that needed it. We actually brought up some baby bins and started unpacking! Crazy! So we have diapers, receiving blankets, towels and such all unpacked. 3 bins down - 25 to go! OYE! And there will be room in our room for the crib once we sell the cabinet we had in there.

Pepe in back in the country! (or should be) and is coming over tonight!! YAY!! :) can't wait to see her again. And swimming classes for Tym start tonight! :)

Today starts my 3rd trimester! Holy Crap! I am so glad that we've gotten ontop of the million little projects we want to do before he's born - so hopefully in another month when I don't want to move, I won't have to!! He's been moving a lot - I think he's transverse still, lots of lower movement still.

We watched the Buisness of Being Born on Saturday night - and it was awesome :) I would highly recommend it.

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