Monday, February 04, 2008

The sickness continues.
Tym had the belly bug 2 weeks ago. I had it late last week. Meag has yet to have it.
Tym has the chest cold, getting over it. I have the chest cold (still in the middle of it). Meag woke up feeling like crap.
Hopefully this means that we can move on from the impending doom of sickness since that covers most of the germs we've heard our co=workers and friends have. Maybe we can enjoy the rest of the winter! :) hehe

This weekend was a bit of a write off. Tym and I were both home sick Friday. Not feeling great Sat, so instead of gymnastics we were to rainbow foods and got some drugs. Thank god for Cough medicine for Tym at night! OYE! yesterday was very productive - we had a Honda Element and our car. Went to Vars and got the rest of our stuff out in 1 shot! It was amazing that we got it all packed in there! couldn't see safely to drive, but it was in! :) Thanks Gen for helping out!

We still have the cleaning, groceries and stuff like that to do... But oh well. Can't do everything right?

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