Wednesday, February 13, 2008

It's amazing how smart an almost 3 year old can be!
Last night Tym slept like crap, and wouldn't eat this morning. When Meag took her upstairs to get ready for us all to leave - she said there was a bug in her ear! Ok - weird. It looked like it bothered her. I came upstairs and pretended to take the bug out, which apparently didn't work. I asked her if the bug was sleeping or picking her - and it was just making noise. At this point I think her ear is plugged. Meag tries to get her to pop her ears. didn't work.
Finish the getting dressed bit.
And the whiny, sick, pathetic baby starts.
I bring her downstairs and start getting her bundled up (Gawd I can't wait for sprint!), and she is miserable! it's Wednesday - the one day of the week that Meag can not stay home, so we make the decision that I will stay home... Meag drives Wade to work since he's already started the car, cleaned the car and will be late if we don't bring him at this point.
I go into the living room with the miserable little one. Some breastmilk and a quick snuggle and guess who's playing all over the place?? Yup - not so miserable anymore. Meag gets home and we all bundle up and quickly head out the door so we are not all late (just me).
I dropped Tym off at daycare she ran right in and started playing! Wanker! :) I am glad she is feeling ok. And her teachers are aware of the bug, and if it does start biting they will give me a call.

Oye - she almost had us today!

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Jesse said...

that is HILARIOUS!!! they are so funny right now, aren't they??