Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Gotta love long weekends! :)

First we celebrated Valentine's day in our new tradition. Taking the afternoon off, Meag and I had a lovely lunch together then grabbed Tym and off to Winterlude and having the girls over for 3 course fondue. Tym was slow going at Winterlude. We walked to whole parc for an hour before she finally got into it... Then she LOVED the slides. Giggled the whole way down the first one then didn't want to stop.

Once home we set up for the fondue and enjoyed the fondue tremendously. We all have our favorite courses, of course, Jesse, Annie, Tym and I all enjoy the chocolate one the best! :)

This weekend was a long weekend - as there was a new Holiday - Family Day yesterday. Since it was a long weekend we decided to take the time and paint Tym's room. We got the 2 base coats done on Sat - the ocean and the sky.
Sun morning we headed out and picked up colors for the animals. And proceeded to put a 12 foot whale a huge sea turtle and a dolphin on the wall. It looks awesome :)
Yesterday we did a few touch ups and put her room back together. She loves it.
We also got the spare bed back from Chrys - so if anyone wants to come visit, we have an empty bed :)

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