Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anyone want a tooth?

So Lake has gotten 7 teeth in 7 weeks. With 1 more almost there. He now has all first year molars - but he is still missing a front tooth. He isn't waisting any time, since he didn't get his first one till he was almost a year old! I am hoping the rest come in quick so we can get a teething break. Overall he's been good considering. He's had a sore bum a few times and chewing on anything - but good.

He eats like a champ - he has Meag's tastebuds, curry, peanut sauce, spicy. Whereas Tym is still more like me and dips everything in ketchup :)

We got Tym's allergy test done again - her intolerance to some things (like garlic and pineapple) have gone down - however others have gone up. Like goat dairy. Not to surprising considering how much she consumes. We haven't totally cut it out, but we are now severaly limiting how much she gets everyday. We are also going to test pineapple and garlic to see if she reacts in the next little while. I am hoping we can bring them back in - i miss sweet and sour sauce! :)

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