Monday, January 11, 2010

A new year is here

I know - we have sucked at blogging - I am now into week 2 of work, and it's slowed down, so I am hoping to get to write more here in the future :)

So we had an awesome Christmas. Dec was a bit crazy busy - I did a week of morning, while Meag worked afternoons and nights. Then Mom and Gram arrived for a week. It was amazing to have them here... The best parts would be watching my 80 year old grammie have Tym on her lap reading an Archie comic, and my 4 year old teaching my 80 year old grammie how to do exploding props - by night 3 she had it down!! Definitely worth the small stress of having her here. Gram is a lovely lady, however she has alzheimer's - thankfully not to bad. She would get disorientated quite easy, or forget where she was going - but loved the entertainment of the kids.

Christmas morning was a blessing - Tym was in her element. Lake ended up taking a nap after stockings and breakfast ,which gave Tym the luxury of tearing at the tree. Just as we only had a few presents left, lake woke up and was able to finish it off perfectly. Meag cooked an amazing bird!! I am glad we got a big one as we enjoyed leftovers for days :) Having 4 generations under one roof was awesome - I hope that Tym will have a little recollection of it when she's older.

Tym was stoked to get the Dora Van she wanted from Santa. it was amazing to see Christmas magic working through her eyes... I do hope we get blessed enough to have it for a few more years of it.

lake was blessed with a molar and an eye tooth over 16 hours Christmas Eve /Day.

We had a great holiday after that - trying to be pro-active with getting things in order for the roles to totally switch. We had a lovely new years eve - kids were in bed, Doris and Chrys came over and we ordered Chinese, ate a lot and were in bed by 10:30.

That brings up to role reversale. Week one is down, and it went very well! I managed at work - it was crazy busy. Meag had a great week with the kids. I can say I am going to really enjoy meag only being gone 1 night a week instead of 3... The house generally seemed to run better.

1 week at work, and now Lake is walking most everywhere. Of course!

Tym's sleeping has been interesting - over the Chrstmas holiday she slept wonderfully, until 6 most mornings without waking. Come the wednesday before school, she started waking up at 4, and the first question out of her mouth is, "Is it a school day?" We have started some homeopathics, which are helping to sleep it seems... At least we do know the root cause of the sleep disturbances. it is school - however she doesn't seem anxious about it... I think she is just learning a lot of thinking about it.

I am sure I've missed stuff, but that's a quick update on us... I will try to get the pictures uploaded soon!

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