Monday, April 19, 2010

April showers

It's been a busy month - not nearly as busy as March thankfully!

We had a lovely Easter weekend - The weather was amazing. We've spent countless hours at the park which has been great. Lake loves the sand! he loves to roll in it, and eat it.

Lake is a toddler. He is signing more, eat, all done, please, hat, cat, dog, help, play (and others I am sure I am missing). he is starting to say more words. Lastnight he said bubble over and over. And he says cat and car. You have to listen closely, but he's starting to communicate more and more.

He weighs almost 25lbs. And climbs everything. One of his favorite things to do is wrestle with Tym, and he can pin her down. Being outisde will make him smile everytime. He picks up his shoes (the right ones!) and sits on the stair and waits for us to put them on - it's so cute.

Tym is doing well. We tested her wheat allergy last week. Had wheat pasta 2 nights in a row. And she did not turn into the devil! :) It did disturb her sleep a little, but it was also a huge amount of wheat. So we are going to be not as strict with wheat - if something has a trace, then that's OK - which will open up snack options at a much cheaper price!

Tym finally weighed in at 34lbs yesterday! She is growing taller though - slowly.

Meag and I went out without the kids for the second time ever yesterday. It was awesome! We left the kids at Michel and Pascale's - and they played and played. Lake didn't even cry when he noticed we left (only at diaper change time). Which is awesome. Especially since starting in July Asleigh is going to be watching them on Wednesday instead of me taking the day off.

We are looking forward to the summer fun. We will be spending a lot of time at the park. We are going to Kitchener is a couple weeks, and going to Niagara falls with the crew - should be fun :)

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