Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Finally!! I've uploaded pictures of the summer!

Seems like we had a good time :)

Last night I took the kids to Rainbow Families - which is a group for Queer parents. It was awesome. There were care providers there for the little ones, and others for the bigger kids, to do crafts and stuff. Lake surprised me most of all - he was in there like a dirty shirt. The setup was awesome, with the adult meeting room right next to the play room, Lake came in 3 times but was totally content in the play room, and even gave one of the ladies a hug as he left! We will definitely be going back next month! Even if it meant a late bedtime for them.

Tym is enjoying her first week of school. Yesterday they were on the bus for an extra 45 minutes because 5 wrongs kids were on it, so they had to wait for the other bus - but she seemed to have fun regardless :) One of her top teeth is going to fall out in the next day or 2... I am sure in time for school pictures!

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