Monday, September 13, 2010

Where did the summer go????

So Tym is at school right now - her first day back. She was so very excited!

I have no idea where the past 6 weeks have gone.... Well I do - we've been very busy.

We spent a night at Sandra's cottage - the kids had a blast! It was great to relax a bit.

I went to NS with Lake on short notice the next day- my gramma had a heart attack and died, so we home for the funeral. Tym and Meag had a great week at home during that time.

Tym had a soccer tournament the day we came back and had fun with that, she ended up playing quite well when she wants to - other than that she still likes looking at the clouds and grass.

Tym is getting over her first case of tonsilitis - which meant we couldn't stay over for Justine and Jubilee's wedding on the 4th. But the wedding was awesome - the kids were almost as beautiful as the brides!

Meag had a dragonboat festival last weekend - it was good for her to get back on the water.

Tym has started getting her 6 year molars - the bottoms are almost in. Lake had 3 teeth come in last week, we are still working on those - only 1 more bottom tooth to come before the 2 year molars start.... Oye I can't wait until the teething in the house is done!

I am sure more things have happened, but I have to get back to work - being the busiest week and all.

I have lots of pictures to upload which I will later this week!

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